Saturday, September 8, 2012

On the Road with Annie Nakamura

Part V of a series

In four previous blogs (October 2011, January 2012, April 2012, June 2012), I told the tale of Annie Nakamura’s request to be taken on one final road trip and to be buried in one of two locations--either on Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Forest in Washington or at Anza Borrego Desert. Those blogs took the reader on a long journey as first four (Ann Kawasaki, Don Kelly, Janet Masuko-Kagimoto, Judith Liu) and then, three intrepid travelers (Ann, Don, and Judith) took Annie on her final trip.

This blog will contain pictures of that journey.

My cat, Inkusan, plays host to Annie while she was in our guest room.

One of Annie's favorite spots was Mono Lake.

Janet, Don, and Judith freezing atop Crater Lake on a "typical" "As you go Nakamura Tour" to Crater Lake--cold, rainy, overcast, and NO view of Crater Lake.

Cindy Andy, Chehalis Tribe, sweet grass basket with whale design holds Annie's ashes that was buried at Hurricane Ridge, Port Angeles, Washington.

Since that October 2011, whenever either Ann Kawasaki (aka Kawa) or I travel, Annie is along. In November 2011, Annie traveled to Ireland with Don and me; in July 2012, I took Annie to Beijing and several places in Yunnan province; August we went to Denver. While it may seem strange to bring ashes along wherever I go, Annie would have loved the idea.

Judith Liu

September 8, 2012


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